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Dear Reader

When I started this program in July 2001 I had no idea that it would turn into something. When I started out coding the first version there was a single (not very good) plugin like this one available on the web, the pureLYRICS' one. I spent some time researching how to create Winamp plugins, how to program some great features and how to make BestLyrics a better lyrics plugin than pureLYRICS. After getting the first version working I decided to make the plugin available to everyone. Since then much has changed, BestLyrics has been translated to many languages, it has support for BestLyrics' scripting engine, A website has been set up, etc. Keeping this all together takes an insane amount of time.

Therefore I'd appreciate it that if you find bugs or errors on the plugin or in this site or if you have any ideas to get this better, you contacted me and let me know so I can correct or incorporate them into BestLyrics. Also.. if you've come across a great lyrics server but you don't know or have the time to create a script let me know in any case.. maybe I didn't hear of the server before and I could implement a script for that particular lyrics server. It is of interest to everybody to have as many good working servers as possible. If you created a script for a new server, or if you simply have translated BestLyrics to any other language please share your scripts.

Furthermore I'd appreciate it that you note that much effort has been taken into the creation of this site. It contains many of the most common questions about how to use BestLyrics, create scripts, translate to other languages, etc. So.. make sure you are aware of all the information available on this site regarding a certain subject before contacting me with a problem report. (If there's something that I don't like at all it's replying to a question that has been dealt with in a guide or the FAQ.)

And last but not least: Please tell everyone that may be interested in BestLyrics about it. There's just one thing that counts for me: Your support. As long as people keeps using BestLyrics I'll continue to work on it.

About BestLyrics

This site is dedicated to help you to use the plugin and to extend and make available information related to BestLyrics, its scripts and modules.

BestLyrics is a Winamp Plug-In that allows you to get your favorite song's lyrics in a snap while playing them on Winamp. Basically, what BestLyrics do is: 1) goes out to the Internet and searches the lyrics for the song currently being played by Winamp, 2) rips out all advertising in the lyrics and 3) saves and shows the plain lyrics in your Winamp's Minibrowser window, of course NO banners or ads will be present!!

BestLyrics and this site are strictly non-profit and you won't be bothered by advertising.

Who created BestLyrics?

BestLyrics has been slowly taking shape as a simple, but yet very useful, Winamp plugin. It has been programmed by me (Germán Méndez Bravo ;), through more than a year of hard work.

I am 24 years old, live in México, and at this time I'm looking to continue my graduate studies on Computer Science in a challenging University. I like watching movies, listening to rock, pop and classical music, traveling, reading, programming and playing true RPGs. (you can check some of my work as an undergraduate student at http://dsc.itmorelia.edu.mx/~germanm.)

If you feel a sudden urge to make me happy you can always donate a few bucks... contact me.

Why am I doing this?

Because it's fun. Initially it took me a couple of hours to create the first version, it was a pureLYRICS' clone with a better interface and enhanced functionality. But it was only when I started updating the program and creating a web page for it when the workload really become noticeable. Right now I spend about 2 hours every day min on this program and the web site and if I had time I'd probably spend a lot more time improving and testing the plugin. Initially the idea was to have a better way to search for lyrics on the internet and (of course) share my program. Now the motto is to have up-to-date information, language modules and scripts available to everyone as soon as possible. It's really encouraging to see that you don't have to own millions, be a kick-ass designer or a genius to get something like this running. If I look at all the time many of my friends invest to create their personal sites which won't have more than 100 hits a year I think that my investment has paid off even bigger.

The growing popularity of BestLyrics has also brought me in contact with many people who have been working with me while testing and translating BestLyrics to several other languages. Knowing that there are other people out there wanting to help and using my program makes this is even more gratifying.

I know that not everybody appreciates this plugin. Some argue that this is just a copy of pureLYRICS plugin, some other might even say and all I'm doing is harm lyrics' databases on the Internet (including pureLYRICS') and stealing other people work by extracting information (precisely lyrics) from their websites. But I strongly disagree. Lyrics are found on the Internet for one reason, that is to make them available to everyone. With BestLyrics I'm not making any personal profits with other people work, but I helping to make already available information, available in an easier way. People saving the lyrics directly form the website or filtering unwanted ads would not be more or less of a problem if this program didn't exist, but many people might not be able to execute their rights such as the right of not being bothered with unwanted advertising or the right of fair use if programs like this did not exist.

So basically my motives are two: First I like to be able to put something together; and on the other side I like to help people to execute their rights which many would like to take away. The power of information distribution on the Internet should help benefit society and not the personal accounts of some greed selfish persons.

You must assume all lyrics found by BestLyrics are copyrighted and propriety of they respective owners, the lyrics are for educational or personal use only. We are not selling or giving any rights over the lyrics, we are helping to distribute them to create and spread culture.

This document was last modified on October 28, 2002.


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