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This page will tell you how to get in touch with the people running this site and making BestLyrics possible.

Due all that junk mail everybody gets now days, I'm forced to filter all incoming email. Please include BESTLYRICS somewhere in the subject of the mail, otherwise, chances are I won't see your mail.

Submitting a Script or a Language Module

If you have written a great script or translated BestLyrics to a new language it could make a worthy addition to BestLyrics, you can submit it including the following in the subject: BESTLYRICS MODULE

If your script or module is already Certified by BestLyrics and you have a new version for me or something you want me to test privately please state this on the email.

Errors on BestLyrics Plug-In

Include the following somewhere in the subject: BESTLYRICS BUG REPORT

Please be as specific as possible while describing the problem. Windows version (win95, win98, winNT, win2k, winME, winXP) machine information, BestLyrics version, Winamp version, etc.
(Try to give enough information for me to reproduce the problem.)


If you have something nice (or not so nice) to say about BestLyrics or this site, a suggestion how I could make things better, a monetary donation or a business proposal simply use the following email address including the following somewhere in the subject: BESTLYRICS FEEDBACK

If you just need help visit the forum and the FAQs first. (If there's something that I don't like at all it's replying to a question that has been dealt with in a guide or the FAQ.)


There is only one email addresses:



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