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   Download BestLyrics 2.7! (stable version) Released
You can directly download BestLyrics 2.7.0 here. What is new for this version:
+ Improved the lyrics HTTP server.
+ Improved support under Winamp 5.x
- Fixed a bug that prevented the album and correct artist or title to be shown at lyrics edition time.
- Fixed some bugs in the lyrics servers scripts.
- Lyrics-World now no longer gets german version of the lyrics.
- Fixed a bug with URL encode/decode routines.
- Fixed a bug that affected some artists/albums/titles with uncommon characters at the edition or submission of the lyrics.

Download Here!

   Download Older BestLyrics versions (not recommended) Released
You can directly download older BestLyrics here.

This releases have been out there for a while, but some are old betas. you should not get them unless you have problems with the newer stable version of BestLyrics v2.7.

BestLyrics 2.6 beta 4
BestLyrics 2.6 beta 3
BestLyrics 2.5 beta

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