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   Version 2.7 Released
+ Improved the lyrics HTTP server.
+ Improved support under Winamp 5.x
- Fixed a bug that prevented the album and correct artist or title to be shown at lyrics edition time.
- Fixed some bugs in the lyrics servers scripts.
- Lyrics-World now no longer gets german version of the lyrics.
- Fixed a bug with URL encode/decode routines.
- Fixed a bug that affected some artists/albums/titles with uncommon characters at the edition or submission of the lyrics.

   Version 2.6b4 Released
+ Added support for LocalNet search (The old script resulted in slower searches some times)
+ Improved search engine (now it consistently excludes text inside parenthesis in the songs' titles; i.e. '(live)' or '(unplugged)')
+ Updated the support for pureLYRICS' server on the script.
- Corrected an small bug while updating the database from version 2.5 to v2.6 (All files should now close fine; thanks Raik)
- Hopefully corrected the infamous "No Internet connection available!" message while performing a search.
- Fixed some minor bugs within the main script module.
- Fixed some minor bugs on the LocalNet.sinc script module.
* Detected two bugs in the scripting language (working to correct them)

   Version 2.6b3 Released
- Corrected some minor security bugs.

   Version 2.6b2 (Not released) Released
- Corrected some scripting bugs.

   Version 2.6b Released
+ Everything (Almost entirely rewriten)
+ Added support for scripts. (Complete new system to search for lyrics)
- corrected many bugs

   Version 2.5b Released
+ New languages supported, now it icludes: English, Spanish, French, Swedish
Icelandic, Polish, Dutch, Euskara, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian and German.
+ Changed the way special characteres are encoded.
+ Added support to a new Lyrics database (http://Lyrics-World.de) +120,000 lyrics!
You can choose from pureLYRICS and Lyrics-World on the configuration screen.

   Version 2.4 Released
+ New languages supported, now it icludes: English, Spanish, French, Swedish
Icelandic, Polish, Dutch, Euskara, Portuguese, Hebrew and Italian.
+ Added support to those changes made by PureLYRICS so this plugin wouldn't work.
Now it works again!!

   Version 2.3b Released
+ New languages supported, now it icludes: English, Spanish, French, Swedish
Icelandic, Polish, Dutch, Euskara, Portuguese and Hebrew.
+ Different search engine. It still looks on purelyric's database.
This definitely makes this plug-in better than pureLYRIC's one!!

   Version 2.2b Released
+ Added banner proxy support!
- Fixed some minor bugs

   Version 2.11 Released
+ Added banner filtering!
+ Language module added, now it icludes: English, Spanish, French and Swedish

   Version 2.1 Released
+ Cosmetic improvements
+ Now it is possible to peek any color from the screen in configuration to
choose a color (little camera button)
+ Added support for language modules included: English, Spanish

   Version 2.0 Released
+ Corrected the way BestLyrics handles some special characters
such as European accents, etc.

   Version 2.0b Released
+ Added lots of new features, including font, size and colors selection
also added the way to stop Capitalizing each word on the lyrics
(Features added to the configuration dialog of the plugin)

   Version 1.31b Released
+ Changed the way BestLyrics treats '&' now it sends '+'
- Fixed a small issue causing the re-search of the 'song+[pause]' when pausing

   Version 1.3 Released
- Fixed a bug on the popup menu changing the items on other menus

   Version 1.2 Released
+ Added a list to avoid cache pages containing strings on the .ini file ( noCache0...4 )
+ It now uses SuperPiMP's installation
+ Added delete from cache on popup menu
- Garbage saved on cache bug, fixed!
- Minor bugfixes

   Version 1.1 Released
- Lots of bugfixes and refinements

   Version 1.0 Released
+ First release!

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